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Welcome to the new world of the BDO!

Well, folks, we made it ... As you can see, we've completely overhauled the website. Our idea has been to make it: a) easier to update on a regular basis, b) more accessible to visitors, c) more interactive, d) to add an online shop, e) to add specific login areas for those of you taking each of our courses, f) to replace the old BDO News page with a regularly updated blog to keep you much more up-to-date with all that's happing with the BDO, and g) to provide better access to events, open rites, workshops, groves &c., with online ticketing available where appropriate. Since that's all the notes of the octave, I'll stop there...

We're quite pleased with the results and we hope you like the new look too. And so ... with thanks to Adam, Master of all things Webby ...

Welcome to the new world of the BDO!

Greywolf and all at BDO HQ /|\

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