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Winter Wolf Healing Ceremony!

Winter Wolf Healing Ceremony

We are holding a winter wolf healing ceremony in Shropshire, 08 - 10 November 2019. Winter Wolf Healing Ceremonies are designed to combat the sickness by spiritual means, the essence of which is to strengthen body, mind and soul by connecting or re-connecting with our companion animal spirits. For more details of what it is visit the Winter Wolf Healing Ceremony events page, or book your place.

New Website Coming Soon

It's been a while since we last overhauled our website and gave it a new look. Well, it won't be much longer. As a not-for-profit organisation, we run on a voluntary basis, relying on the goodwill and free time of a dedicated group of individuals who give up their time and expertise for us and for you. Thanks to those of 'em with IT experience, we'll soon be unveiling a brand new look for the BDO website with added interactivity.

New BDO Forum Coming Soon!

Once upon a time, we had to a lovely, friendly online forum and it was good, full of lively debate and crammed with useful information. Then we shifted to a new format that looked better but didn't work so well, so people gravitated to our Facebook group. Now facebook is all very well and has its uses, but it is also designed to devour time and push advertising, neither of which are good. Our new website will, therefore, feature a brand new forum towards which we hope all our facebook friends will gravitate. We'll be seeding it with all kinds of good stuff to make the move worthwhile. See you there soon...

BDO Courses deliver real world benefits - here's a small sample of what our students are saying:

Bardic booklet 5 cover"I have completed the Bardic course and loved every life enriching word of it. Thank you for a wonderful experience. It is one I will continue to go back to time and again and learn even more from. I would highly recommend the Bardic course to anyone." - Bardic student, Shropshire, UK

“I find myself feeling the presence of other beings as I walk, and feel them as fellow travelers in mutual aid. And I’ve finally arrived at a place I can make offerings to the gods and spirits, and do rituals, and really feel it and mean it versus going through the motions because I think I ought to. Finally, I feel the connections I’ve heard others speak of, but found so elusive to find on my own. In the last few months, I’ve felt an incredible surge of energy and renewed meaning in my life. Two months ago, it just popped into my head that my place of employment ought to be doing more on sustainability issues and I proposed, and had accepted, the creation of a task force to implement sustainable processes. I’ve never been a leader, or seen as a leader, but I’m in charge of this initiative and I believe I owe the courage to do this to my Ovate studies.Ovate course student, Minnesota, USA

PaganAid: Combining aid for people with environmental protection

PA-Header-960x150-leaf-water-dropletsThe British Druid Order is delighted to support PaganAid, a charity helping people in need through environmentally sound projects. Visit the PaganAid website to learn more and to donate. Any amount, however small, will help people around the world to improve their lives while protecting our planet. Trustees and board members include Ian Chandler, who has worked in over 50 countries and with numerous charities, including Oxfam, Amnesty International and Greenpeace, Mike Stygal, president of the Pagan Federation, and our very own Greywolf (Philip Shallcrass), founder of the BDO.

BDO Groves - growing community

Dear BDO members and friends,

If you have been involved with the BDO for some time you might be familiar with the idea of groves affiliated to the BDO. If you aren't then please take a look at

We are in the process of developing a set of Grove guidelines. We are also updating our record keeping in what groves and where want to be affiliated to us. In order the ensure completeness of records with our new system, please don't assume that we know, so, can I kindly ask everyone who feels that their grove, seed group or other collective either is or should be (or could be) affiliated to the BDO to complete the BDO Grove Affiliation Form and send it back to us. Thanks folks!


Amanda, Groves Coordinator