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Meditations on the Druid's Prayer... line 4

The Druid is the steward of and mediator for the living mystery manifest in the natural world, at once both Priest and Shaman. Welcome to the Guild of Druids.

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Meditations on the Druid's Prayer... line 4

Postby Adam » Mon Jun 23, 2008 9:17 am

And in understanding, knowledge;

This one has caused me the most difficulty so far... my unfolding understanding of the prayer is that it asks a series of boons, each one taking us further to the heart of what it is we are truly focusing on... it mirrors a natural growth of awareness and is, as such, a call to self initiation.

In that sense, each stage refers to a state that is generally regarded as "higher" in nature than the previous (or "deeper"... use whichever metaphor suits)... except this.

In understanding spiritual and psychological growth, mere knowledge is regarded as a precursor to understanding, which has connotations of placing the knowledge in a wider, more ecological, context, and of giving meaning to what would otherwise be simple data/information. So why, why does the prayer take us to understanding first and then lead us to knowledge?

My understanding (sic) is that philosophers, epistomologists, distinguish between knowledge of and knowledge how. Contemplative and mystic traditions focus on the importance of understanding, and druids are especially well placed to recognize the importance of placing knowledge (information) in a greater ecological context BUT understanding is nothing without action... this line is the start of a call to act, to act within the world, to act from not just what we know, but what we feel, integrated into a greater whole.

Understanding is deeply important. But maybe this line calls our attention to the awareness that contemplative understanding without action is little more than naval gazing, is a call to develop understanding as a basis for our action rather than for its own sake.

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Re: Meditations on the Druid's Prayer... line 4

Postby Seannachaidh » Sun May 24, 2009 10:21 am

My feeling is that it is a sense of "knowing" as opposed to actual "knowledge" which forms the next part. "Knowing" as a state of being you reach through trance. You need a sense of knowing along with knowledge. The sense of "knowing" Right Action added to the knowledge of the laws for instance, gives a Solomon like justice.

A druid placed his own honour price on the table to give justice, and it was not just a knowledge of the laws he was expected to have, but a knowing of how to apply them, and the mystical sense of "Right Action". The greatest druid judge put himself at the mercy of a collar that would strangle him too, if he should give a bad judgement. It's linked to the mysteries surrounding judgement, and Samhain.

Re: Meditations on the Druid's Prayer... line 4

Postby Bruane » Wed Oct 19, 2011 12:11 pm

A note on that;
The collar as some call it, is traditionally for the Brehon their badge being a torc. Tightening if a lie told, loosened with truth.

Symbolic is the torc, on many a level.
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