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Druid Ogham Oracle cards now on sale!

BDO Ogham Oracle readingYep, we finally made it! Our new, 25-card Ogham Oracle deck is now on sale on the webshop. Originally designed as a tie-in with our Ovate Course, the set was then redesigned and the booklet re-edited as a stand-alone set. Our hope is that it will encourage more people to use the Ogham system which is presently not widely used, even amongst Druids. Please check them out. We rather like 'em, but then we would, wouldn't we? Incidentally, the illustration here shows a sample reading that Greywolf did while our friend, Elaine Wildways, took some publicity shots for us. The reading was for the BDO and what it might achieve. This was not a fix, but an actual reading just as the cards came out. The layout is a pentagram, laid out clockwise, and the keynote meanings of the cards are: 'Love, beauty & healing,' 'Giving something back,' 'Enchantment,' 'Inspiration,' and 'Tenacity.' Not bad, huh?

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