The British Druid Order

Awen Badge BDORekindling the sacred fires of Druidry as a living, breathing, Earth-honouring, life-affirming spirituality for the 21st century, drawing inspiration from the threefold stream of Awen’s flow from its source, the Cauldron of the goddess Ceridwen.

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Druid Tarot LayoutThe Druid Tarot – new expanded edition available now!

The Druid Tarot was originally created by Greywolf in the early 1990s using illustrations drawn from 5000 years of British and European history and prehistory, mostly dating from the late Iron Age. This new, expanded edition includes four new cards representing the classical elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air. It also includes a greatly expanded and updated booklet. Wonderful to have this set back in print at last! Click here for details and to order.