The British Druid Order

Awen Badge BDORekindling the sacred fires of Druidry as a living, breathing, Earth-honouring, life-affirming spirituality for the 21st century, drawing inspiration from the threefold stream of Awen’s flow from its source, the Cauldron of the goddess Ceridwen.

Hail and Welcome!NorthernLightsBandx800

Looking forward to May this year. The year’s Summer half begins in earnest on May Day morning, flowers will bloom, the sun will shine, and with it comes the welcome return of our wonderful shamanic friends from Norway (left to right), Lena, Bobby, White Cougar, Morten and Anita, for inspirational workshops and concerts on the theme of connecting with primordial power through sound and the soul of nature :-) Click on the pic (right) and follow the links for more info on these magical events or use the links on the menu (left) :-D … /|\

Then, later ibodypaint2n the merry month of May (30th to June 1st) comes an opportunity for a transformation that is physical as well as spiritual and psychological. What do you most want to be? An animal? Bird? Tree? Stone? Fire? Air? Water? Make your choice and then allow artists to apply amazing body art to make your changes real! In-house photographers will record your transformation in a range of outdoor locations in a beautiful wooded valley, and you’ll receive a collection of wonderful photographs as a permanent record of your transfiguration. An amazing, healing, uplifting and inspiring experience. For sample photographs and booking details, visit the Wild Ways on the Borle website.

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